Ex-schoolteacher & RI alumna’s post illuminates the consequences of S’porean “meritocracy”

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For this former teacher, studying at an elite school and teaching at a neighbourhood school made her realise just how problematic the message of meritocracy was.

By Matthias Ang, Mothership
October 4, 2018

Earlier this week, a video from CNA Insider on class differences, partly from the angle of education in Singapore, has garnered strong reactions and discussions about the issue among Singaporeans.

In particular, an emotional moment from the clip, extracted from a longer documentary, featured a boy studying in the Normal (Technical) stream who said he was afraid teachers in a mixed-stream class “would not teach” him because he is “very slow”:

Ex-teacher speaks up

Subsequently on Wednesday, Oct. 3, a former secondary school teacher by the name of Chew Wei Shan (who also happens to be a local musician going by the name weish) took to Facebook to share her take on the issue.

In her post, Chew pointed out that the video “only scratches the surface” and shared the severe dissonance she experienced from being a student at Raffles Institution to teaching at a neighbourhood secondary school.

These years spent at the two different educational environments, she writes, allowed Chew to see the effects of propagating meritocracy throughout schools “as gospel truth”.

It is a message that, from where she is standing, has resulted in serious consequences that, she says, have affected children’s lives.

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