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The Death of the American Dream?

I was deeply moved by a quote from this New York Times commentary. Referring to the recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, Dario Aguirre, a Mexican-American lawyer, said, “At least for Latinos, in some way, it’s the death of … Continue reading

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Lee Kuan Yew’s Shadow

One of the most provocative commentaries on Singapore I’ve ever read. For sure it will be a tough one for a Singaporean to contemplate – we Singaporeans are conditioned to think of our little country as exceptional, best in everything … Continue reading

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Hong Kong needn’t fear the PLA, even if it is a US-China battleground

This is no Tiananmen – despite delusional radicals on both left and right itching for a military intervention, Beijing is likely to wait these protests out. But another type of battle may already be underway – one for political influence … Continue reading

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In an age of rapid technological advancement, is a single career for life realistic? (A-level GP exam 2018)

By Steven W.S. OoiFormer GP tutor Even as United States president Donald Trump blames illegal immigrants and unfair trade deals for causing Americans to lose their jobs, a new presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, has offered a very different narrative. It … Continue reading

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