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A dedicated GP and English tutor with First Class Honours from NUS, website owner Steven Ooi retired from the profession after a 14-year career during which he was one of the most sought-after tutors in Singapore. He is the recipient of the NUS Minerva Prize for the top English Language honours student.

He continues to blog on issues of concern to General Paper and student life. This website will also list qualified tutors recommended by Steven Ooi. English/ GP tutors interested to be listed here can contact Steven at stevenooi18 @ (remove the spaces). Applicants can expect to be vetted and interviewed by video call as this website aims to list only tutors with the right skills and values.



Letter from NUS informing me that I had been awarded the Minerva Prize

During his 14-year career as an English and GP tutor, Steven consistently produced outstanding results with students from both brand-name and regular schools. In addition, he is trained in Counselling and highly passionate about counselling and mentoring young people. He built a strong connection with his students to help them find purpose, self-belief and vision in their lives.

Steven’s philosophy of GP and English is best described as “The Joy of Learning, Unconfined”. He believes passion is integral to success in these subjects, which allow and indeed encourage a person to learn about the world and life beyond the boundaries of a textbook.



Kenneth Zheng
Kenneth Zheng

Despite having gone for only a few sessions with Steven, I was already strongly convinced that I could depend on him to help improve my GP, for he had shown the winning traits of a first-class teacher. He is very dedicated and patient, making sure I was proficient in one area before moving on to the next one. Furthermore, his enthusiasm to help his students, something I find lacking in many otherwise good teachers, translates into a genuine effort not only to tutor students academically, but also to impart his wisdom to us.

Kenneth Zheng, Raffles Institution alumnus (class of 2006), Singapore Government Scholar
First Class Honours in Actuarial Science, London School of Economics
Masters in Finance, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A for General Paper

Ee Siang's result slip

I had an enjoyable and enriching experience exploring the joys of the English language with Mr Steven Ooi. Mr Ooi is a proud professional who has high expectations of his students and always does his best to fulfil his promises. Unfaltered by my shabby standard of English, Mr Ooi managed not only to shore up my linguistic foundations, but also pinpoint and bolster my strengths in an incredibly short amount of time. Through Mr Ooi’s various lessons, I have also learnt values that empowered me to grow exponentially which eventually led to me reaching a crescendo in the ‘A’ Level Examinations.

Kwek Ee Siang
Serangoon Junior College (2012-2013)
A for General Paper
(improved from S in 6 months)

Kevin Jerrold Chan

I started off treating GP as just another subject to deal with, another paper to take, another struggle to face. However, I am glad that I was able to go under the tutelage of Mr Ooi. He taught me not just how to approach the subject, but also how to appreciate the English language as well as gain a genuine interest in current affairs. Though I initially found reading the news a drag, it soon became a habit that stayed with me. I enjoyed being able to discuss hot topics with Mr Ooi, or even just daily observations and experiences that taught me something new. I believe my greatest gain from Mr Ooi is a reminder to always start from the fundamentals, to never neglect common sense. Mr Ooi’s teachings have helped me do well in the A level examinations, but more than that, will continue to play a significant role in other aspects of my life.

Kevin Jerrold Chan
Hwa Chong Institution
SEA Games Team Gold Medallist, Fencing
A*STAR JC Science Award, 2015 & 2016
A for General Paper


During lessons, I am able to ask questions and speak freely without any hesitation because of the warm and comfortable learning environment that he creates. Laughter, sharing and discussion are part and parcel of his lessons.

Muhammad Khairul Anwar bin Khalil
Raffles Institution (Junior College) class of 2008
A for General Paper

Alicia Teo
Alicia Teo

“You have potential, Alicia!”

Never once did Steven direct a negative remark at me. He proceeded to get my basics right, fired up my interest and then inspired me to understand and appreciate the English language. Reading newspapers and magazines with a dictionary next to me became a daily routine. My vocabulary as well as general knowledge on current affairs improved significantly. Steven challenged me to develop a critical and analytical mind over local and world issues and more importantly, taught me how to put those thoughts in writing effectively and convincingly. And realise my potential, I did! My heartfelt gratitude to Steven for going the extra mile. He is a real gem.

Alicia Teo
Innova Junior College (2012-2013)
A for General Paper

Alicia's result slip
Wen Xin
Kow Wen Xin

Since the start of JC, I had always got either an S or an E for my GP. Even though I was coached by Mr Ooi only from the start of JC2, I learned a lot from him. Besides exam technique, he taught me the importance of picking out topic sentences and thesis in newspaper articles. Throughout the year, he emphasised the most important thing which most of us lack, and that is common sense.

Preparing for the A-level examinations is an arduous journey. But Mr Ooi always encouraged me to take a break and recommended me thought-provoking films to watch. Through these films, I was able to feel and engage language more than before. Whenever I was stressed, Mr Ooi would encourage me by sharing stories of his former students which gave me great motivation. Through his guidance, I managed to obtain a grade which I had never dreamt of in the A level examinations.

Kow Wen Xin
Jurong Junior College (2015-16)
B for General Paper

Wen Xin results - private

Mr Ooi is no ordinary teacher. Apart from equipping me with the necessary skills required to ace my examinations, Mr Ooi goes a step beyond: imparting to me the love for learning and broadening my horizons through insightful discussions and thought-provoking questions. To say that he teaches from the heart would be an understatement. Fuelled by his passion for teaching, Mr Ooi readily and selflessly imparts his wealth of knowledge and wisdom to his students and never fails to make lessons interesting and intriguing. Most importantly, he made me discover the beauty of the English language. Indeed, Mr Ooi engages the mind, redefines education — a mentor without borders.

Angela Ho Hui Min
Cedar Girls’ Secondary School (2010-2013)
A1 for O-level English

Angela's O cert

You are the teacher of my life. Thank you for not only teaching me how to take an exam, but how to live.

Wang Jingren (People’s Republic of China)
A for General Paper


Engaging and flexible in his methodology of teaching, but exacting in the foundations of the English language. No doubt, a true and excellent professional of the education industry.

Louis Lim
Temasek Junior College (2011-2012)
Anglican High School (2007-2010)
A1 in O-level English
A in General Paper

Steven was my English tutor in the months leading up to my O level examinations. I never knew what was in store for me with Steven as my tutor as I had not had any English tuition before. In hindsight, hiring Steven was the best choice I could have made. Steven does not simply teach English but teaches his students how to appreciate the beauty behind the English language. Under his tutelage, I began to be more interested in English. I started brushing up on my vocabulary, read countless newspaper articles and went through every day speaking proper English. Steven has truly been a wonderful teacher.

Harith Bahren
Anglo Chinese School (Barker), class of 2012
A1 for O-level English

Choi Chang Ung
Choi Chang Ung

Mr Steven Ooi is a teacher who flexibly adjusts to every student’s learning ability and makes learning captivating. He creatively enhances one’s learning by using different mediums such as poems, quotes and statistics. One of the most special things about him is that he values the strengths of the student and does not only focus on his or her weaknesses. This is because he believes in building confidence and self-esteem in his students, and uses that as a platform to spark the student to aspire to excellence.

Choi Chang Ung (South Korea)
Innova Junior College (2010-2011)
B for General Paper
(from S previously)

Chang's results - B for GP

Mr Ooi was my General Paper tutor from December 2015 till A levels 2016. He is an exceptional tutor who doesn’t just tutor GP but gives life lessons as well. I scored a borderline E for GP in promos before I decided to have tuition with Mr Ooi. Subsequently, my grades for GP improved consistently in JC2 and I eventually scored an A in the A levels. On top of that, he also talked and guided me through stressful periods in my JC days as he was understanding and comforting. Hence, not only did my grades improve through his guidance, but so did my character. In conclusion, he is not just an effective tutor, but also someone students can confide in.

Ng Chee Heng
Victoria Junior College (2015-2016)
A for General Paper

Marcus results

Mr Steven Ooi is a very inspiring and dedicated teacher who encourages one to not only excel in GP but in learning in general. Even though he only taught me for three months before the ‘A’ levels, I learned a great deal from him quickly as he makes learning easy and interesting. He encourages students to love and appreciate the English language whilst training one’s examination skills. This is a rare combination to find in teachers which I truly appreciate.

Lee Hsiao Fong
Hwa Chong Institution (2011-2012)
A for General Paper

Natalia Susanty
Natalia Susanty

Steven helped me to improve my GP grade from a very, very low U to a B in the GCE A-level examination after 15 months. He taught me to appreciate the English language and stringently made sure that I speak and write with appropriate grammar. I followed his advice and I could feel both my spoken and written English improving incrementally. Thanks to him, I’m now able to speak English fluently and communicate with Australians here in Melbourne, where I’m studying, without any difficulty.

Natalia Susanty (Indonesia)
St Andrew’s Junior College (2011-2012)
B for General Paper

11 Responses to Recommended Tutors/ Testimonials

  1. judithhb says:

    Thank you for reading and now following my blog. I shall return to see more of what you are doing.

    • gptuitionsg says:

      Hi Judith,
      It’s absolutely my pleasure to read your blog. I’ve only read one article so far, but it’s so meaningful. You’re an inspiration, mastering new technology at your age. I’m still in my 30s but couldn’t agree more with what you say about not allowing oneself to deteriorate. I think the day one stops learning is the day one ceases to live.
      I’m very curious about life coaching and have been told that I have talent in that regard. Will have to talk to you more on that.

  2. judithhb says:

    oops – should read Happy to talk.

  3. Sandra says:

    Hi Steven,
    I came upon your tuition blog recently and I find your posts interesting and intriguing. They provide me with a new perspective on viewing world events happening around the world 🙂

    Awesome stuff! 😀

    I have recently published an infographic about the educational costs in Singapore which I think you and your readers might be interested in.

    Let me know if you want to check it out 😀


    • gptuitionsg says:

      Hi Sandra,
      Many, many thanks for reading my blog and for your kind comments. It’s deeply gratifying to know that readers find my writing to be of value, and that I’m not just talking to myself. 😛

      Your infographic sounds really interesting. Perhaps you could post a link to it in this thread? I will take a look at it. 🙂

  4. Iris says:

    Dear Steven,

    An essay posted on your site (Science is unreliable, being based as much on theory as on facts …) provided an interesting perspective. I happened to be writing about the same topic on my blog, and it certainly gave me new ideas!

    That aside, I was wondering if you might be interested in taking a look at my site? Please visit if you have the time: This newcomer to the world of blogging would really appreciate any advice on how to go about maintaining such sites.


    • gptuitionsg says:

      Hi Iris,

      I’ve checked out your site and it certainly looks very interesting! Will read more in the weeks and months to come.

      Could you drop me an email at this address:
      miles_of_aisles AT
      (of course, just replace the ‘AT’ with the usual symbol. The reason I’m typing it this way is to avoid my email address being picked up by spambots, which will then send a hail of spam flying at me)

      Just send me an email so that I will know your email address. Then we can keep in touch. Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

  5. Patrick Wong says:

    Hi Steven,

    I have checked out your site and am impressed with what I have seen thus far. I would like to propose a form of collaboration. Kindly contact me for further discussion.


  6. Hi Steven,

    Just to check if you would be interested in applying to join a Tutor Database I have just created.

    Verified Tutor / Ordinary Tutor package is 100% free of charge.

    Currently, the site is quite empty, which means that tutors who register now will be listed near the top.
    I will also be promoting the site to get more visitors and more clicks.

    To apply, just fill up the form at

    Best regards,

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