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H2 Economics vs General Paper: and why I’m taking the H2 Economics examination in 2018 — Mr Seah (dotcom!)

[W]hy do we study perfect markets, where firms are price takers? One reason is that they provide a useful approximation to the real world and give us many insights into how a market economy works. [. . .] Another is … Continue reading

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How to write a good introduction to your GP essay

[Dear reader, I have chosen not to charge for access to my essays and articles so that they are available to all. I have chosen instead to generate some revenue through advertising. As such may I kindly request that you … Continue reading

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Syria gas attack: Writing your GP essay with feeling

When GP students think of science and technology, they often think of the iPhone and the Playstation VR. Well, don’t forget sarin gas, or the almost 10,000 kg, 30-foot long explosive known as the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb … Continue reading

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GP is the journey of understanding life: A conversation between a GP tutor and his student

An excerpt of a recent conversation between a student and a GP tutor (myself). Student: Is there anything I need to take note of when I read newspaper articles i.e. the key points the writer is making or important evidence? Tutor: Well, … Continue reading

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Is General Paper that bad? No, it’s the best

by Steven Ooi, BA (First Class Honours), NUS I often look at the site traffic data on my blog to see what kind of search queries are leading people to it. Quite often I see searches along the lines of … Continue reading

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